Orchid Care

The most beautiful and exotic of flowers, orchids are one of nature’s most diverse blooms. With thousands of accepted species growing around the world, they are easy to care for and can bring months of elegant floral beauty to your home.

At House of Orchids, we want you to get the most pleasure out of every orchid so we’ve created this section to provide easy care tips. There are a few simple rules to care for your House of Orchids phalaenopsis arrangement.

  • Place your orchid in low to bright light but never direct sunlight.
  • Orchids do not mind drying out a little but dislike being over watered.
  • Check the moisture level of your arrangement before watering. Use your finger to feel the roots for moisture.
  • Water with an egg cupful of every 10-14 days next to the base of the plant but only if necessary.
  • Wipe the dust from the  leaves of your orchid plant with a damp paper towel once a fortnight to clean.

Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful Orchids.